Hydrocare designs complete hydraulic piping systems with parts lists and material specifications, according to the customer’s criteria. Whether it concerns a new construction project, expansion of existing installations, connection to an existing pipeline network or adjustment of the installation: our service engineers realize the project successfully.

The installation process and commissioning of the hydraulic pipe systems has 5 important phases:

  • Installation of pipework.
  • Flushing, filling and venting.
  • Cold commissioning: testing for pressure and tightness.
  • Warm commissioning: testing and adjustment at the highest load and at minimum and maximum speeds and -power.
  • Final check: inspection of the system.

The guarantee for the functioning of the entire system begins after the release of the system.

Piping systems and installation

Our engineers are deployed worldwide to install and commission hydraulic pipe systems. They are equipped with a wide and modern range of tools. Our mobile workshop is used for long and complex projects, so that the pipes can also be produced on site.

We have the most modern tools to meet the requirements. We prefer not to weld the hydraulic pipes. This is to ensure quality and to minimize the risk of downtime. Of course we do use pipe systems with welding flanges if the customer requests it.

Our engineers design complete hydraulic piping systems that meet customer requirements in the industrial, maritime and offshore sector. We design high-quality piping systems for both small and large complex projects. We can install the installation of these piping systems in the Netherlands, but also abroad. The designs can also be translated into detailed 3d drawings at the request of the customer. The prefabrication of the pipes is usually carried out in our workshop in Oisterwijk, based on the design and specification of the materials.


With the Walform press we can offer high-quality seals for hydraulic lines. Also on location. In this way, those pipe ends are cold deformed, so that the ends take the shape of a cutting ring. This fits all standard DIN 2353 couplings. As a result, it is not necessary to place or pre-assemble a cutting ring. And a 100% elastic sealing ring is placed. Cracking or leaking pipes due to shearing cutting rings is a thing of the past. The Walform connection system is fully certified as a system by the most common inspection bodies such as Lloyds, DNV, ABS, Germanischer Lloyds, RINA, etc.

Components consists:

  • A fitting.
  • A (standard) nut.
  • A Walform WD washer.

The main advantages at a glance:

  • Very high reliability due to a positive fit and a separate elastomeric seal.
  • Very simple, straightforward and fast installation.
  • Low tightening torques and a short installation distance.
  • Fully interchangeable with DIN2353.
  • Quality infinitely reproducible.

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