Below is a selection of the projects that the mechanic and engineers of Hydrocare have carried out successfully.

Provision crane maintenance

Provision cranes on ships are used to lift goods for the ship itself, not for the cargo to be transported. We work on these cranes every week and during this specific project we replaced or overhauled all hydraulic parts.
We have replaced all pipes, hoses, valves, ball valves, the accumulator, the pump and the oil. The lifting cylinder has been overhauled by us and fitted with a new nickel/chrome cylinder rod.

Nitrogen cylinders

Overhaul and modification of a nitrogen cylinder. All cylinders were tested on the specially made test set-up after repair. DNV has ensured that the tests were carried out as prescribed by the customer

Ballast valve actuator / powerpack

For this customer we have overhauled this 14 Ballast valve actuator / powerpack.

Hoses power pack

For this customer we measured all hoses and installed the new hoses in a very short period of time.

Overhaul cylinders

Repair Life boat crane

Windlass winch repair

We repaired a defective hydraulic system in Germany in the port of Bremen.

New-build Cylinder

This cylinder was newly made in the workshop. The rod is turned, the eye is welded to the casing, the casing is welded and the eye is welded to the casing. This has been tested and then provided with paint.

Exchange cylinder stern disaster

In the port of Antwerp, the lifting cylinder was replaced after the star disaster of a motor boat. The eye of the rod had been torn off the old cylinder. The customer provided a new cylinder himself and Hydro Care ensured that it was carefully replaced. The Sternramp was tested after the cylinder was placed and Hydro Care ensured that it functions properly after the new cylinder was placed. The old cylinder was taken to the workshop to overhaul.

Replacing the oil seal and bearings Anchor winch

the complaint of an anchor winch of a ship was that this oil was leaking from the gearbox to the outside. First, the cause and where the oil came out was searched for. After this a plan was made and we started removing the parts to eventually be able to get to the oil seal to replace it. The link shaft bearings between the drive and the sprocket were also very bad. These were drawn on a drawing and manufactured within 1 day and reassembled with all other parts so that the ship could quickly resume its journey.

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