Flushing of systems and pipes

During the assembly and installation of the hydraulic system, it is easily possible for dirt and other contamination to get into the pipes. Flushing is necessary so that it cannot adversely affect the operation and life time of the equipment. Hydrocare is happy to take over this concern for you.


Flushing is the high speed circulation of hydraulic fluid through the system. The fast-flowing liquid transports the dirt particles to a separate filter circuit where they are removed. The duration and intensity of the flushing depends on the required cleanliness of the system. Our technicians know all the ins and outs to keep this process in the lead.

When performing a cleaning job, Hydrocare designs the flushing section in loops to maximize flow rates throughout the system. It is important that all parts of the system have a turbulent flow. Turbulent flow occurs when the Reynolds number is greater than 4000.

Hydrocare uses flushing equipment designed by our engineers to circulate, heat and filter oil. This external equipment can provide higher flow rates than the standard pump installed in the system.

ISO standards for cleanliness determinations that we can comply with:
ASTM D4174
ISO 4406
ISO 4407
NAS 1638
SAE J1165
SAE J1227

When flushing systems, critical components are bypassed to prevent the critical components from being exposed dirt particles from the hydraulic lines and hoses.

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