Oil Filtration

Offline / bypass filtration technology is increasingly used. The Hydrocare technicians have experience and knowledge with this technique, in which a separate circuit is formed: the oil is sucked out of the machine’s oil reservoir and filtered. The purified oil is then returned to the tank.

  • This type of filtration has many advantages:
  • If the main installation is stopped, the oil still remains constantly cleaned
  • optimum filtration efficiency by offline filtration
  • The specific cleanliness levels can be obtained accurately and maintained, it is easy to replace a filter element (not
  • require in-line filters)
  • The is possible to efficiently filter resin, dirt particles, water and gases from the oil
  • The unit can also be used for cooling or heating the oil

Offline filter units: removal of dirt particles and / or free water

To continuously monitor the contaminants in your oil during the filtering process, Hydrocare offers offline filter units. These may or may not be equipped with sensors. To achieve the required cleanliness class, we have units for hydraulic systems with a reservoir volume of up to several tens of thousands of liters of oil.

Depth filtration
In order to filter resins from the oil in addition to dirt particles and water, we offer units that work according to the principle of depth filtration, whether or not coupled with a moisture-absorbing element.

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